High Point Equipment Ltd. measures its commitment to quality through the following objectives:


Customer Satisfaction 

A result of giving the customer the value that they expect. The key elements are product quality, punctual delivery, and value. We measure our customer’s satisfaction levels. Customer satisfaction is reported through customer contact including interviews after service work is performed or product is provided. 

Punctual Delivery

We measure delivery performance and deliver as promised or before. 


Quality Product and Service

Customer satisfaction is incorporated into our quality policy. Our services are committed to providing customer satisfaction. We measure quality though satisfied customers, and delivery of superior services.



The key resource are our team and we operate as a family team. Other important resources include facilities, equipment and suppliers. We are particularly concerned about safety, health and environment. We have an active shop environment and safety program. Cleanliness and general housekeeping of the shop is a priority. Our workspace and equipment has a direct impact on service quality, speed and costs. Specialized equipment such as CNC equipment are important resources. We have a suitable maintenance program. Suppliers are critical to our success in achieving customer satisfaction. We qualify and measure suppliers and subcontractors on performance including quality, delivery competitive pricing and customer service.


Constant Improvement

An objective of the company. Our quality management system is testament to our dedication. We have constant improvement projects. We are committed to constant improvement of our products, services and processes.



We are proud to be known as a reliable organization upon which our customers can depend. This objective is measured as a result of the accomplishment of all other objectives.